3 Reel Slots

February 4, 2020

On the surface, it would appear that the game of 3 reel slots would be outdated. Compared to the modern-day plethora of 5 reel video games, some might wonder just what an old fashioned 3 reel game would have to offer. However, these machines can often surprise you with the amount of additional options and features they can give to gamers.

Here is a list of different features you can find on 3 reels:

  • Nudges
  • Hold Reels

What is 3 reel slot machine?

There is usually at least one line that is a payline in this 3 reel slot. Some three reel slots have up to nine however, and options with five or seven are also common as well. An added benefit is that the paytable is usually always on the screen and that the player can control just how large the bet is and the individual coin size.

3 Reel vs. 5 Reel Slot - compare Odds

The 5 reel slot does have a tendency to pay out more often. However, the 3 reel slot versions often have much larger prizes when they do pay out. Although it can appear that a 3 reel slot is actually a step back for some seasoned players, the fact that the payouts are higher will please both old and new players alike.

In other words, there is no big difference in odds if you play 3 reel, or 5 reel slot machines online, it's more in players perception.

Pros for playing - what's good at 3 reel slots?

The pros of 3 reel slots are that they are a great way for individuals new to slot playing to get introduced to the fun and excitement of it all. The simpler design of a 3 reel slot will appeal to those new to this pastime, and for seasoned players a 3 reel slot will be a nice way for them to reminisce about the days when they were just starting out as well. Because a 3 reel slot will limit the betting options, many seasoned players will also still choose a 3 reel option simply because they are on a budget.

Simplicity of 3 reel games also gives an opportunity to apply a few simple rules to build up your own 3 reel strategy.

Cons for playing on 3 reels

Many players would still prefer the advancement and excitement of a 5 reel slot simply because they pay out more often. They are willing to sacrifice lower payouts simply because a 5 reel version will pay more often. Some players would enjoy the bonuses and the extra symbols that a 5 reel slot would offer as well.