3 Reel Slots Strategies

There are strategies when you implement will help you stand a chance of consistently beating the 3 reel slots machine. Most people consider the good old common sense and taking your time as the best strategies that will help you win online slots. However, here are some of the strategies that will work for you regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Stick to your budget - is the best strategy

Once you have established your bank roll/budget, choose a suitable Three reel game that fits it. The higher the bets you make, in comparison to your budget, the sooner you will run out of money. This means if you have $100 to for your 3 reel slots then you’d better settle for the lowly game with minimal spin costs. However, if you have $10,000 to use in your game then you can handle the high roller slots which costs more to spin.

Bet with the maximum amount

You can go one level lower to get into the habit of making maximum bets at all times once you have established which betting level suits you. Instead of betting $2, you can go ahead and bet the maximum number of quarters as possible. You will have slightly better odds if you use this strategy. It's even more important to bet maximum on progressive slots.

Read the payout table at your favorite 3 reel slot machine

It is also important to understand the payout schedule. Read any information given regarding the slot. If you get a slot that has an auto-spin which lets you play spin over and over again without even watching then use it. This can turn out to be the best option if you are playing solely for monetary gain.

Playing 3 reel slots is not a career choice. You can call it recreational and a fun game that may give you money at the end of the day. But what good is it if you always waste money on your computer with no return? The above strategies will help you out.

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